In Car Storage Essentials Executive Series Product In-Car Storage Essentials Executive

Our ‘Luxury Range’ of the In-Car Storage collection, built with class & sophistication, it adds to car interior’s aesthetics and productivity alike. Built from premium grade polyester, this exquisite range is ideal for those always on a move, whose lifestyle and work travel with them. Ideal for professionals, individuals and for those whose style and travel goes hand in hand!

Executive Backseat Combo

Trash Bin

Attach the Litter Bin from Genome to your car seat's headrest and find a home for all those empty coffee cups! Discretely sized to hold plenty of refuse while not obstructing movement, this Trash Bin comes with a uniquely designed tapering bottom with reinforced body. Can be easily slipped in between seats, panel and consoles. Adjustable clip-on buckles make it easy to be hung around seat headrest poles or even to gear lever at the front seat, addressing drivers’ trash disposing options.

Built with 420D premium Polyester with classy center design and Auto-Close magnetic clasp lid makes it visually appealing & aesthetic. The unique design hides the trash and mess automatically, without obstructing or causing inconvenience to the driver or passengers. Line this Trash Bin with your old grocery bags or garbage liners and keep those empty cans from rolling around at your feet or half-empty coffee cups from dirtying the floor. This medium -sized 21*31*7.7cm, litter holder holds just about anything from soft drink cans, newspaper, food wrappers, napkins, tissues, wipes, etc.

Keep spare grocery bags handy to use as liners. Simply dispose the garbage liner and replace it with new instantly without dirtying your hands, using the Rear U-shaped Zipper lock, making trash disposal an easy affair. The portable size fits in the front set. Adjustable attachment allow for fix anywhere in vehicle.

  • Keep your car neat, clean, and free of garbage with this Trash Bin
  • Rigid sidewalls prevent the auto trash bin from collapsing
  • Vinyl lining easily wipes clean or use a small plastic garbage bag as inner lining
  • Ideal for fitting it in a limited space, having universal usability in the front seat or back seat area
  • Can be left installed always for everyday commuting, which also beautifies your car interior by giving it a premium feel
  • Tapering Design for universal installation, Auto-Close Magnetic Lid for aesthetically hiding the mess, Rear U-shaped Zipper for easy trash disposal, compact design even for a small car

Twin Hanger Hooks

Organization on-the-go has never been easier! Our Twin Hangar Hooks simply slide on to the back of a headrest to create additional storage space, an easy and secure way to hang belongings in your car. Hang your grocery bags or shopping totes to keep the contents from spilling on the trip home or to keep your handbag upright as you drive around town.

  • Conveniently holds shopping bags, grocery bags, purse, coats, trash bags, umbrellas, handbags
  • 2 very sturdy & convenient multipurpose metal hooks
  • Universal fit for all cars, trucks and SUVs by just sliding around standard headrest post with post diameters of 0.5" or less
  • Made of polypropylene and stainless steel; Size: 12*10cm
  • Hold maximum weight of 6kg ( 13lbs )

Executive Center Console

  • Your ideal travel mate; holds just about anything right from your office supplies to laptop, files, to entertainment devices, snacks, electronics.
  • Sturdy lid conceals the valuables, important belongings, electronics, etc
  • Tray top serves as a working table for professionals who prefers to work on-the-go, or as a snack table for a quick bit or even as playing surface for kids
  • Insulated interior for snacks and quick bites. Outside pockets keep loose items handy and organized
  • Excellent tote for storing bulky kids toys,
  • Durable nylon webbing shoulder strap allows you to take it with you wherever you go

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