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Gold Series

Introducing the Gold Series, our most successful range of projectors till date; immensely popular and heavily reviewed by enthusiasts, critics and customers alike. Produces top-of-the-line output, which matches or even exceeds many OEM HID setup

Super compact size that fits 98% if Indian Cars, making it the most universal retrofit projectors available. Assembled using highest performing parts & components, these projectors are built for superior quality and durability that would exceed the lifecycle of any other available aftermarket projectors.

  • Built for quality; Service Rate < 2.5%
  • Exceptional beam width illuminates 6+ lanes
  • Retrofits into 98% of all popular Indian car models with Easy Installation procedures
  • 2nd Generation CCFLs for Hyper-White Angel Eyes
  • Triple chrome plated reflector bowl with advanced optics
  • 3.0” crystal Clear Lens for intense beam pattern with no hotspots or unwanted glare
  • Superior flux properties, ultra sharp and colorful RHD cutoff
  • Dimensions - 111mm* (L) x 87mm** (H) x 82mm (W)
  • Screw-On Silver Graphite Shrouds

Silver Series

Launched in 2012, these pair of lenses is best suited for budget conscious audience and easily qualifies as one the best entry-level aftermarket projectors.

  • Output: 4+ Lanes Illumination,

  • Retrofit: Easy Installation with little or No Modification to your stock headlight assembly

  • Ideal For: Value for Money, Definite upgrade from commonly available PnP HID Kits, Best for City driving, Friendly Road trips

  • Dimensions – 112mm (L)* x 112mm (H)** x 112m (W)

  • Shrouds: Press-fit Gattling Gun Shrouds

  • Head Light Size – Medium to Large Suitable for vehicles having spacious reflector space


Best in its class with top notch output. Boasts huge beam spread & long reach of the beam. Every retrofitter’s dream projectors with advance optics & premier casting. However needs extensive setup for installation lasting upto 9 hrs! May not be a DIY approach for many and a professional help highly recommended. Retrofitting procedure involves extensive cutting and modification to existing stock reflectors.

  • Size : Depth:155mm (6.10" in), Width:112mm (4.35 in), Height:95mm (3.75 in)
  • Bulb Type – D2H
  • Lens Size : 3inch
  • Best For: Large Size Headlights with absolutely no compromises in performance (and price!)

Silver Series Gold Series
Beam Width 4+ Lanes Illumination 6+ Lanes Illumination
Shrouds Press-fit Gatling Gun Screw-On Silver Graphite
Dimensions 112mm (L) x 112mm (H) x 112mm (W) 111mm (L) x 87mm (H) x 82mm (W)
Lens, Bulb & Ballast
  • 3.0” Clear Lens,
  • Option of 4300k, 5000K or 6000K H1 Bulb.
  • 2nd Generation 35W Wireless Igniter system
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