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Auto LED Lighting Solutions

With the advent of LED lighting systems, the possibility and options of both exterior and interior styling for automobiles have zoomed up manifold. In 2012 Genome introduced its LED based lighting solutions for automobiles with the launch of Welcome Door Lights, a unique way of greeting passengers entering the car with a pleasantly bright, high resolution customized artwork, focused downwards below the car door. Day-Time-Running lights the latest craze, hype and the magic style weapon that was a clear game changer in the history of aftermarket automobile lighting. All Car Owners, Car Dealers, Modification Houses, etc wanted a piece of the pie. Mid 2013 Genome launched the flexible LED Daytime-Running-Lights which was an immediate best-seller and literally puts the streets on fire; a definite eye-turner when cruising through the streets. Light it up those DRLs with our exquisite angel eyes to give a dazzling yet sleek output, which takes exterior car styling to new levels altogether.

The customized artwork films are absolutely replaceable and interchangeable, giving you the complete freedom and flexibility to replacement the image after few months. This feature makes our product easily serviceable, only having to replace the film and not the entire unit

LED Welcome Door Lights

Genome Welcome Door Lights, 5th Generation car LED projection assist lights for automobiles! This unique & innovative product takes Car Styling to the next level, taking advantage of complex Optical Lens arrangement and the versatility of LED applications.

The Welcome Door Light is fitted at the base of car door panel to project high quality Customized / Welcome Artwork impression to the ground, every time the door is opened. The product adds to the style quotient of the car, gives a stronger feeling of ownership of the car, acts as welcome step for passengers and is a perfect reason to make your car stand out in a parking area!

Unique Selling Points of Genome Welcome Door Lights:

  • High Quality Lens with original CREE LED Power Source, producing superior quality & crisp output images
  • Ultra Compact dimensions to suit maximum cars in Indian roads
  • Auto Switch-Off after 5mins if doors continue to remain open. This prevents the device from burn-out due to high temperature arising out of continuous    light emission
  • Low Frequency emission to prevent interference with other electronic gadgets in the vehicle
  • Product is Patent Protected (Patent No: 201230085703.0), having original design and Ergonomics
  • Always insist on Genome warranty card at the time of purchase

LED Daytime Running Lights

Retrofit your projector setup with super bright Daytime-Running-Lights, an instant eye-turner on the roads. Flaunt the Angel & Demon Eyes lined with crystal white LED eye-lashes to give a surreal luxury look to your car!

Introducing Switchback Dual-Color LED strips, with Ultra Bright SMD White LED lights, used as Daytime Running Lights and Amber Yellow LED lights used as Turn Signal Lights. The flexible PVC tube can take any shape and be bent as per the mould of the headlight. High Quality PVC sheath smoothens and makes the light output uniform across the length of the strip, without discreetly showing the individual LEDs. The designs, applications and installations of these LED Strips are nearly endless and is only limited by your creativity and imagination


  • Length - 60cm
  • White LEDs for DRL - Amber yellow LEDs for Turn Signal
  • LED chip: SMD 335 Leds, @ 60LEDs/100CM
  • Package includes: 2x flexible tube DRL, clips & mounting screws, connecting cables

Product Auto LED Lighting Solutions