In-Car Storage Essentials

The increased comfort and space inside the modern-day cars demands that the car-interiors be arranged and organized just like your home! With the launch of In-Car Storage Essentials in February 2014, Genome’s latest addition to its product bouquet, the company has carved out yet another niche customer base and a new segment in the Retail sector. This novel product category caters to the burgeoning class of car owners and travelers, be it family, upwardly mobile professionals, auto enthusiasts, young mothers or just about any car user, who understands that nowadays your car is no more just a mode of transportation, it’s a way of life and that you practically live in it. Genome In-Car Storage Essentials, a unique concept that makes your car more like your second home; Its Stylish, its Ergonomic, its Portable and is ofcourse, Needed!

 Bi- Xenon HID Projectors

Genome Bixenon HID Projector lights, our flagship product has been carefully developed keeping in mind the lapses and the drawbacks of the existing product range in the competition. Our in-house technical expertise help us in fine tuning the product output strictly in accordance to what the end user would need, both functionally and aesthetically. More and more people tend to upgrade their auto headlights by using HID projector Lens instead of using normal HID bulbs because of the range, the spread, focused & crisp output, which can provide brighter and further irradiating distance. It is legitimate and pleasant once installed, both to vehicle and passersby; not causing glare to the oncoming Traffic.

The immensely successful & popular, Genome Gold Series (Bi-Xenon HID Projectors) is country’s largest selling Indian branded automobile projectors for the aftermarket segment. With compaby supported nation-wide service backup on parts & labour, Genome today is India’s No.1 trusted brand in aftermarket bi-xenon HID projectors for automobiles, having dedicated captive assembly setup in its factory in Chakhan, Pune.

 Auto LED Lighting Solutions

With the advent of LED lighting systems, the possibility and options of both exterior and interior styling for automobiles have zoomed up manifold. In 2012 Genome introduced its LED based lighting solutions for automobiles with the launch of Welcome Door Lights, a unique way of greeting passengers entering the car with a pleasantly bright, high resolution customized artwork, focused downwards below the car door. Day-Time-Running lights the latest craze, hype and the magic style weapon that was a clear game changer in the history of aftermarket automobile lighting. All Car Owners, Car Dealers, Modification Houses, etc wanted a piece of the pie. Mid 2013 Genome launched the flexible LED Daytime-Running-Lights which was an immediate best-seller and literally puts the streets on fire; a definite eye-turner when cruising through the streets. Light it up those DRLs with our exquisite angel eyes to give a dazzling yet sleek output, which takes exterior car styling to new levels altogether

  Performance Air Filters

In the year 2012 Genome launched India’s first homegrown brand of Aftermarket Performance Air Filters with the intention of introducing power, performance, tuning and modification at an affordable range for mass. Till date Genome continues to be the only Indian brand producing aftermarket Performance Air Filters, with quality and output statistics that match and even exceed many international OEM brands having similar product. Genome Filters have found its way to India’s top modification houses and have powered some of India’s fastest & loudest & most powerful four-wheelers (and two wheelers) in leading race tracks in the subcontinent!