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  Genome Universal Performance Air Filters

Genome Free Flow Universal Performance Air Filters are designed to increase engine performance by helping your car breathe easier coupled with superior dirt protection. Apart from noticeable performance gains, Genome’s superior cotton gauze filters optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency every time you press the gas pedal.

Genome’s universal high flow intake filters replace the stock filter-assembly, which includes the filter, air box and suction pipe. Genome Cold Air Intake system adds to the experience by replacing the complete factory airflow between the filter and the motor, including the filter itself. More air entering the engine increases the efficiency of the combustion process, creating more power and torque.

All filters use high quality chrome finish with super-durable, molded rubber made from reinforced nylon & silicon, proving the right flexibility and grip. The extra surface area of these air filters provide more airflow at lower restriction. The larger air filter also captures and holds more dirt, increasing its service life before a cleaning is required.

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Product Performance Air Filter